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OOH, or Out Of Home Advertising, is quite literally everywhere. Think billboards. Think Bus Stops. Think big eye-catching and ingenious displays that stop people in their tracks. Well we're a sucker for a clever advert or two, so we thought we'd share some of our favourites with you...


When it comes to iconic brand messages that have instant brand recognition, no one does it better than Guinness. The legendary Irish stout makers are just as capable at crafting out memorable adverts as they are at brewing a delicious pint. This is arguably one of their best, so much so, they didn't even need to spell out their own name on it! Sure does make you thirsty...

Guinness Billboard


On to this masterpiece from BBC promoting the new Dracula series. Whoever thought of shining a light onto wooden stakes to outline the image of the Transylvanian nobleman deserves a raise. A big tasty one at that! The image, which is most visible in true Dracula fashion... at night, instantly captures the essence of Dracula and leaves you wanting more!

BBC Dracula Billboard


We don't even have to explain the beauty of this ad. You already know the tagline and you know where the people putting up the poster have gone. It's break time - and that calls for one thing! Similarly to the team at Guinness those creative so-and-sos at Nestlé realised that less can be more when it comes to giant billboards. Granted, the advert probably only works for a well-known brand with a famous strap-line, but nevertheless, it's awesome all the same!

Kit Kat Advertising


This is brilliant for a number of reasons.

1. The notion that their internet speed is so fast it can have you hanging onto your laptop for dear life does wonders in promoting the high-quality product.

2. Crafting an actual billboard that is split in two is as impressive as it comes.

3. Using every child's favourite little characters - the Minions - will no doubt get a "MUM, DAD LOOK AT BOB AND KEVIN FLYING THROUGH THE AIR" resulting in the whole family looking at Sky's advertising! (please drive carefully though Mum/Dad)

Sky Broadband Billboard


Denver Water's hard-hitting message utilises the same principle as Guinness and Kit Kat in keeping things simple. Using a fraction of the billboard makes this message stand out like a sore thumb, but it's exactly the message Denver Water wanted to communicate - use only what you need!

Denver Water Billboard


If Carlsberg did billboards... well they did, and it really could the BEST poster in the world! You have to commend them on this marketing stunt. Carlsberg are confident that their famous tagline and brand colours are easily recognised, leaving space on the advert to install a beer pump. A poster that gives away a free pint... does it get any better?!

Carlsberg Billboard


In our opinion they're one of the best to ever do it. They've had some fantastic billboards over the years but this has to be right up there. The famous golden arches acting as a McDonald's breakfast menu sundial is as inventive as it comes!

McDonald's Advert

So there you have it... some of the best OOH advertising you'll see, which leaves us with one question, which one is your favourite?

Which is your favourite?

  • Guinness

  • BBC

  • Kit Kat

  • Sky

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